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A great resource where the public and trial participants can find Trial Results Summaries for studies that started in late 2015 and beyond as provided by the study sponsors.

What is a Trial Results Summary?

A Trial Results Summary tells what happened during a clinical trial in easy-to-understand language. It includes information about the purpose, results, and other facts about the trial. These summaries are translated into the local language used at every site where the trial was conducted.

What is the Trial Results Summaries Website?

The Trial Results Summaries Website is a resource where the public and trial participants can find the Trial Results Summaries for trials that started in late 2015 and beyond, as provided by the sponsors.

When will a Trial Results Summary be available?

A Trial Results Summary will be available for download approximately a year or more after the trial has fully completed. The timing will vary based on study type and sponsor timelines.

How will I be notified when a Trial Results Summary is available?

You will get an email message when the Summary is ready if you sign up for Trial updates.

Latest Uploaded Trial Results Summaries

These Study Sponsor Companies Have Posted Trial Result Summaries

ViiV Healthcare
CSL Behring
Sumitomo Pharma
Lung Biotechnology
Kyowa Kirin